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Temporary Dentures

What Are Temporary Dentures?

Temporary dentures, also known as immediate dentures, are a type of removable denture that is typically placed before a permanent one is made. This allows the wearer to have a full set of teeth during the healing process after all natural teeth have been extracted.

This option is most commonly seen in patients who suffer from sever tooth absence, where most teeth are extracted and therefore the mouth cannot support traditional crowns and bridges. Since, toothlessness, also known as edentulism, is much more common than most people realize, dentures have become wonderful options to help restore people’s confidence in their smiles.


Advantages of Temporary Dentures

Since they are put soon after a tooth is extracted, temporary dentures instantly assist to enhance the look of a person's smile as well as the overall facial structure. This can help boost a patient's confidence and self-esteem during the healing process.

Filling gaps in the mouth with temporary dentures also helps to retain the form and contours of the mouth and prevents the remaining teeth from sliding out of position. In addition, they shield the gums throughout the healing process, thereby reducing the bleeding and discomfort.

Temporary Dentures Procedure

Like many dental procedures, obtaining temporary dentures also requires a number of dental visits. During your initial appointment, Dr. Shadi AlShaikh and his team will examine your teeth and determine if temporary dentures are the best solution for you. Then they will take measurements of both your upper and lower jaw, as well as record the overall form of your gum line and color of your natural teeth.

If extractions are required, Dr. Shadi AlShaikh often begins them by removing your posterior teeth (back teeth) first followed by your front teeth. After the extraction, he will take an impression of your gum line and bite so that our lab will be able to formulate the temporary denture according to your mouth’s specific shape and contours.

Once our clinic has received the temporary denture back from our lab, you will return to our offices so that Dr. Shadi AlShaikh can insert your dentures and make any necessary adjustments so that they are comfortable.

Temporary Dentures Results

See how our implants have given back a smile people love below:



Veneers are thin strips of porcelain adhered to the front of the teeth, to mask imperfections and obtain a beautiful smile.

Composite Fillings


Utilizing specialized dental resin, Composite Fillings help fill in dental defects, such as cavities, to achieve perfect teeth.

Crowns & Bridges


Restorative procedures for structurally compromised teeth by encompassing a damaged tooth or using surrounding ones for support.



A restorative permanent option for missing teeth through the use of screws.

Temporary Dentures


Removable, prosthetic teeth perfectly fitted to one’s mouth.



The complete removal of a tooth and its roots when other restorative methods are not enough.