Why Dr Shadi Clinic is the best

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Dr. Shadi's Clinic uses

The Ultimate Equipment To Give You The Best Of Treatments



Microscopes provide close-up comparatively images of the patient’s dental structures that allows.

This innovative form of dentistry is remarkably detailed, three successful when trying to detect very minor dental for your teeth, imperfections or hairline fractures at the earliest stages and soft possible.


Intra-Oral Scanner

Intraoral dental 3D scanners are small handheld that go directly into the patient's mouth to examine the inside as well as to scan the teeth directly.

They are significally faster then impressions as scans can be sent to the laboratory in a matter of seconds.



3D imaging is a new advancement dentists to see dimensional images as well as the bones tissues that surround them.

Why us


With a long history in the dental industry, Dr. Shadi AlShaikh has erected a trustworthy and thriving practice. Having completed numerous complex cases using innovative techniques, his satisfied clients are confident in the results he produces and attest to our exceptional standards of care.


With the help of innovative dental technology, adept practitioners, cozy office space, and more, our staff, amenities, and clinic make each patient's visit a pleasant one.


We are meticulous when it comes to oral care. We undertake extensive examinations, scans, and other diagnostic tests to formulate treatment regimens. Our services offer patients medications, state-of-the-art technology, and recuperation assistance.


Dubai is known as a leader in architectural technology and advancements. The same applies to our practice. Through latest technologies and devices, such as microscopes, intra-oral scanners, and more, we ensure precise experiences and results.


Post dental aftercare is essential to maintaining a healthy smile and the longevity of your dental treatments with us. As such, we thoroughly remain at our client’s disposal for any and all aftercare instructions, to keep them always informed through numerous communication channels.


We've been doing this for a long time, and we are proud to see our customers content with the work we have done for them. You will see our craftsmanship across viral social media posts, news, cinema, and publishing outlets that showcase our pristine results and happy clientele.